Welcome to MovieTalk, a source for information about everything about movies. Here you can find information on movies that you might want to watch, upcoming movies, film related events happening in the world, and links to images/videos related to the movies.




This page introduces about MovieTalk and the creator of this website. It is going to explain why the creator decided to design MovieTalk and how it would benefit the viewers. Most importantly, It will have contact information of the creator if you would like to contacte him.

All about Movies


This page introduces movies that I enjoyed watching as the creator of this website and introduces movies that I believe will also entertain many other people. Basically, it is a page where I share my view on movies. It will have basic information such as its release date, genre, and more.

Events & Articles


This page allows the viewers to get updated about the film related events that will happen in the future. Moreover, the viewers will be able to get to links that leads them to articles related to movies or celebrities. Viewers will get more information thhan just basic information of the movies.



This page has many images that are related to the movies such as movie posters or photos of a scene from a trailer. It also has pictures of the filming site and the celebrities that appeared in movies. And it has links to trailers of movies that are listed in 'All about Movies'.

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