Ben Kwon's Basic Webpage

This page will be introduction of myself.

My name is Beomjun Kwon

I was born and raised in South Korea untill I was elementary 4th grade. I had a chance to study abroad in Missouri due to my auncle's job. I took this oppotunity to study in the U.S. to imporve my english abilities. I was in the state of Missouri for 2 years untill I finished my elementary school at the Fairview Elmentary school and Christian Chapel Academy. After I finished my elementary school, I went back to South Korea for middle school. I successfuly finished my middle school studies and went to high school in Korea as well. However, I could not fit into the system of education that was being taught in Korea. Especially the high school system of education was completely against my personality. Due to the unappropriate education system for me, I came back to the U.S. to finish my high school education. This time I went to the state of California to the school named Damien High School. After all these education has ended, I finally had a chance to apply to the university. I chose the University of Missouri-Columbia since the Journalism major was popular in my home country and also in the U.S. While I have been going through all my life experiences, I found out that I liked watching movies. This website would provide me a chance to look back at the movies that I have watched so far and also recommend some great movies that I think it is worth sharing.

My website will be about personal perspective and overview of the movies. In addition, I will farther explain, summarize, analyze the movie that I will be introducing to the viewers.

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